About Us

Insist on Quality

Our synergistic high quality product lines work together to get your product in front of the right customer when they are ready to spend. Founded by Sam Albanese in 2015, Albanese Enterprises specializes in bringing high quality products to the B2B and B2C markets and ensures your products are cared for by our administrative team that has a cumulative 17+ years experience in the ecommerce retail realm.

We are capable of handling large volumes of product and have become experts with all major ecommerce platforms. We have a perfect record of adherence to MAP (Minimum Advertised PRicing) agreements with all vendors we have worked with and a track record of reporting breakers of MAP to ensure a fair playing field for all retailers and resellers. The Albanese Enterprises 1P experience is sure to help your brand stand out among the competition as we will be the first major ecommerce retailer to accept cryptocurrency in exchange for products.

We are a retailer, not a dropshipping company. We take full ownership of goods and are capable of receiving freight in volume. If your company has a dropshipping program already developed please do let us know as we are always looking to grow; however, we try to avoid needing dropshipping options due to the added work for our vendors.

Our Story

Sam has always had a fascination with ecommerce and began studying the platforms and attempting to optimize sales them on small scales in his early teenage years. As he matured, he saw a major opportunity to scale this business model, and a pivot point to grow into something much bigger than just another reseller. With the foundation of Albanese Enterprises and the recruitment of a stellar administrative and consulting team, Sam and the Albanese Enterprises family have fostered the growth of a retailer that cares as much about its relationships with its vendors as it does the feedback it receives from customers. We hope you find what you are looking for with Albanese Enterprises and give us the opportunity to help five your brand the recognition it deserves, across the web.

We are not a saturated general store

We always attempt to ensure our products fit within our niche of high-end / luxury, unlike most resellers who attempt to sell every available product on the market. Our appearance and presentation of our partnered brands matters. Your administrative team can have confidence in the products sold alongside yours at all times. 

Albanese Enterprises has a 100% response rate to customer inquiries and questions across all platforms and we will keep your customers informed and hassle free on your behalf on all the major 3P and our platform.

We are very focused on building strong relationships with our vendors are we are always looking for new ways to increase our and our vendors' bottom line. As we brainstorm innovative ways to get your product in front of new faces, we can work with you to build your brand out.


Crypto and the future of retail

Cryptocurrencies now have a 519.5 Billion dollar market cap. It is clear this trendy phenomena will have an impact that will change the face of retail and ecommerce. Albanese Enterprises is ahead of the curve and would be thrilled to help you begin accepting crypto for your products.